【2/6@日本橋】Blockbuster TOKYO 研修プログラム第9弾!「創薬・医療系スタートアップにおけるグローバル情報発信~ジャーナリストの視点から~」「注目の市場、インド・中国とのコラボレーションに関して」


-Blockbuster TOKYO 2019 第9弾 研修プログラム!-

Seminar program in Blockbuster TOKYO 2019

Blockbuster TOKYOは東京都が主催、Beyond Next Ventures株式会社が運営をする創薬・医療系ベンチャー育成支援プログラムです。
Beyond Next Ventures, Inc. operates Tokyo Metropolitan Government's "Blockbuster TOKYO" which is an acceleration program for pharmaceutical and medical startup.

今回の研修セミナーでは、Informa社のアジア太平洋コンテンツのヘッドであり、20年以上に渡って製薬業界のライター及び編集者としてアジア地域を担当してきたIan Haydock氏をお呼びし、製薬・医療系スタートアップにおける情報発信の重要性についてご講演いただきます。さらに後半は、実際に中国とインドの現地エディターにテレビ会議をつなぎ、日本の創薬・医療系スタートアップがどうやって新興国に進出するか、アメリカ以外のバイオ製薬会社と連携などについてご講演いただきます。



※ 当日はライブ中継も予定しております。ご都合の合わない方も是非ご参加ください!

In this seminar, Ian Haydock who is an Asia-Pacific Head of Content and has been covering the region for more than 20 years as a writer and editor in the pharma sector will be invided to speak about the importance of dispatching information for pharmaceutical and medical startups in Japan. Also in the second half, we will use video conference with the editors who are active in China and India to talk about how Japanese pharmaceutical / medical startups will expand into emerging countries, and how to collaborate with biopharmaceutical companies outside the United States and Japan.

This seminar is open for all those who are interested in pharmaceutical / medical startups.
We hope many people, such as who are interested in dispatching information to outside of Japan and collaboration with Chinese and Indian pharmaceutical companies, to participate in this seminar.



2020年2月6日(木) 17:00~20:00 (16:30 受付開始、19:00~ネットワーキング)
February 6, 2020 (Thu) 17: 00-20: 00 (16:30- reception, 19: 00- networking)

日本橋ライフサイエンスハブ A会議室
〒103-0022 東京都中央区日本橋室町1-5-5
Nihonbashi Life Science Hub A Conference Room
1-5-5 Nihombashi Muromachi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0022, Japan
Muromachi Chibagin Mitsui Building 8F (COREDO Muromachi 3)

16:30~17:00 受付 / Reception
17:05~17:10 ご挨拶とBlockbuster TOKYOの概要説明 / Introduction to Blockbuster TOKYO
17:10~18:00 『医療・創薬系スタートアップにおけるグローバル情報発信~ジャーナリストの視点から~』 / Path as a journalist and the importance of PR for startups (Informa/Pharma Intelligence Asia-Pacific Head of Content Ian Haydock)
18:00~18:10 休憩
18:10~19:00 『注目の市場、インド・中国とのコラボレーションに関して』/ How Japanese drug development startups can collaborate with the emerging market? (Informa/Pharma Intelligence Senior Editor Brian Yang and Deputy Asia Editor Anju Ghangurde)
19:00~20:00 ネットワーキング / Networking

英語/ Only in English

Audience: approximately 100 (ealt stage startups, academica), and the seminar will be livestreamed.

・本Peatixからチケットをお申込みいただき、かつ東京都創薬・医療系ベンチャー育成支援プログラムBlockbuster TOKYO「研修プログラム」にエントリーいただいた方 (詳細条件はHPをご参照ください。)




Ian Haydock

Informa/Pharma Intelligence
Asia-Pacific Head of Content, Scrip/Pink Sheet, Pharma Intelligence

Ian oversees content for the Asia-Pacific area, including in the commercial and policy/regulation areas, with a particular interest in company and pricing topics. He has been covering the region for more than 20 years as a writer and editor in the pharma sector.
Ian first moved to Japan in the 1990s and has covered a broad range of pharma industry topics, both across this market and the rest of Asia, including corporate, R&D, pricing and policy developments. After a stint as a Tokyo-based Japan and Asia editor for Scrip, he became managing editor of PharmAsia News (now part of Scrip/Pink Sheet) in 2014, and is a recipient of multiple Informa internal awards. He has a long personal and professional background in Asia, having grown up in Hong Kong, and follows regional regulatory harmonization and trade initiatives with interest. Ian lives in Tokyo with his wife and two sons.

Brian Yang

Informa/Pharma Intelligence
Senior Editor, APAC, Pharma Insights

Experienced China hand on healthcare and biopharma hot-button issues, drug reforms, pricing and market access, the biotech boom and IPOs. Brian's on-the-ground, deep-dive and trend-spotting analysis has won wide praise from those interested in this key market.
Brian is a Beijing-based senior editor in charge of overall China coverage within the APAC Pharma news team. A veteran journalist, he has written extensively on pharmaceutical R&D, regulatory affairs and market access. Brian has led a team of writers to provide industry-leading coverage on many key issues in the second-largest heatlhcare market.
He has worked as a foreign affairs correspondent and web editor for both TV and radio networks, and is trilingual in Chinese, English and Japanese. Outside work, Brian has run in dozens of marathons and one triathlon.

Anju Ghangurde

Informa/Pharma Intelligence
Deputy Asia Editor

Anju is Deputy Asia Editor at Informa’s Scrip & Pink Sheet. She has over two decades of experience in journalism including stints at India's leading financial dailies. Based in Mumbai, India, she covers a range of topics across the pharma and biosimilar landscape. Drug pricing, policy and regulatory affairs, M&A and patents are areas of special interest to her. She is also a recipient of the British Chevening Scholarship for Young Indian Journalists (2000-01) awarded by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office.
Anju has extensive experience at India's mainstream financial dailies, The Economic Times, The Hindu Business Line and The Financial Express. As Corporate Bureau Chief (Mumbai), she led a team of reporters at The Financial Express prior to joining Scrip. She’s been associated with Scrip since 2001, when it was part of PJB Publications.


【Blockbuster TOKYO】
東京都から委託を受けたBeyond Next Ventures(株)が、創薬・医療系ベンチャーやベンチャーの起業を目指す研究者等を対象に実施 する支援プログラムです。
Beyond Next Ventures, Inc. operates Tokyo Metropolitan Government's "Blockbuster TOKYO" which is an acceleration program for pharmaceutical and medical startup. The program aims to accelerate foundation and growth of pharmaceutical and medical startups by providing various supports.

【Beyond Next Ventures】
Beyond Next Venturesは、2014年8月に創業した、医療機器、デジタルヘルスや再生医療等のライフサイエンス分野を中心に革新的な技術を有する大学発・技術系ベンチャーへのインキュベーション投資に特化した独立系ベンチャーキャピタルです。
また、2019年からは、日本橋にてシェア型のウェットラボ、「Beyond BioLAB TOKYO」や、技術シーズと共同創業者をマッチングする「Co-founders」を運営しています。
Beyond Next Ventures is a venture capital that supports the creation of startups based on technology from universities. Established in 2014, we invest in innovative start-ups such as life sciences, healthcare, robots, devices, etc. Our program "BRAVE" is the largest accelerating platform in Japan, targeting university areas. And we run "Beyond BioLAB TOKYO", which is the only shared-laboratory in Tokyo.

【Contact information】
Blockbuster TOKYO お問い合わせ先
Blockbuster TOKYO 運営事務局 (Beyond Next Ventures株式会社内)
E-mail : info@blockbuster.tokyo
web : https://www.blockbuster.tokyo

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